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A way forward.We'll know how.

Moores Rowland history goes back to 1866 when Edward Moore established his accounting firm and 1875 when C H Nevill established his firm in UK. To preserve the heritage of the historic name, build on the achievements and update its mission, the firm’s took the initiative to make its headquarters in Delaware USA instead of London. The company appoints professionals to perform projects related to the fields of services provided in, Audit, accounting, taxes, financial advisory, management consulting, outsourcing, legal services, business advisory, corporate governance services, international financial reporting standards (IFRS), International standards on auditing (ISAs), Fiscal advisory, international affairs advisory, transfer pricing, system implementation, human resources consulting, business buy-in and business buy-out services, mergers and acquisitions, cyber security services as well liquidation of companies.

As a member of Moores Rowland International (“Moores Rowland”, “MRI”,, MED GROUP provide support in every subjects demanded by customers due to the global connection of Moores Rowland.


We share our Med Group knowledge and experience with you and create added value for your business!

VAT Refund Services

VAT refund the department provides services that will help companies...

IFRS Services

Independent audits and reporting under International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)...

Compliance Services

Fiscal Certification Services: 3568 Independent Accountants...

Review Services

Control of the books that are legally obligatory, from the perspectives of entry procedures...

Outsourcing Services

Our aim is to establish an accounting system that will fulfill the requirements of...

Robotic Process Services

Leap from piecemeal task automation to end-to-end integrated automation...

Energy Project

Financial consultancy services for renewable energy projects...

Investment Services

Foreign Investor, who makes foreign investment in Turkey, is defined as real persons, who possess foreign...

You can follow the topical subjects in tax and fiscal system by courtesy of circulars which is prepared by Moores Rowland in Turkey' tax professionals. To reach the Circulars please click.

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Agenda & News

Oct 1, 2020


MED Group - Restructuring!

We would like to inform you about the completed restructuring of our MED Group of Companies ("MED Group"). Since 1981, when our first company opened its eyes to life, we have...


Sep 24, 2020


Dutch Business Association Turkey

We as MED Group has been accepted as a member of Dutch Business Association Turkey (DBA Turkey). Our CEO Mr. Ozgur Demirdoven has been appointed as a Board Member of DBA Turkey...


Feb 12, 2021


MED Group- Pakistan

We are currently catering to Punjab through our Lahore Office, Sindh through our office in Karachi, KPK through our Islamabad office. We are planning on expanding to other ...